Rupertites raise $10,000 for Rempel’s cancer costs

More than $10,000 has been raised in just over a day, for a Prince Rupert man undergoing cancer treatment in Vancouver, a Go-Fund-Me campaign page setup for Bruce Rempel shows, on Jan. 4.

The well known-business man who owned Shutter Shack, prior to retiring, Rempel became “emotional” after seeing the outpour of support from the community, Kelsey Rempel, daughter and campaign organizer, told The Northern View.

“He called my mom crying,” Kelsey said. “It was an overwhelming feeling that so many people do care about him in the community.”

In November, Rempel had surgery where he had three golf-ball-sized lymph nodes removed from his neck when cancer was detected to have spread. He was previously treated for nasal cancer which he overcame in 2013, however, he was recalled by doctors to Vancouver for chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

“It was pretty rough,” Kelsey said.

In preparation for the radiation therapy, Remple had to have his wisdom teeth removed, in December, because the treatment would be detrimental to their condition.

The family has estimated cost for food and accommodations at the Canadian Cancer Society Lodge, near Vancouver General Hospital, as well as transportation, for the three-month treatment period, will be up to $10,000.

Since the family has reached their fundraising goal, they won’t actively pursue the fundraising further but will leave the page up online for a few more days should anyone want to contribute.

Rempel will arrive in Vancouver on Jan. 5 alone. While he does have a brother in the city he will be unable to see him due to COVID-19 regulations, his daughter said.

Rempel is an active member of Prince Rupert and has been involved over the years in the Knights of Columbus and the Prince Rupert Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.

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