Recognize outstanding achievements in the wind energy operations and maintenance sector – nominate Canada’s best companies!

I am very happy to announce that the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) will be adding two new awards to its existing line-up of sought after achievements.

The growth and maturation in the operations and maintenance (O&M) sector of the wind industry has produced significant advances in how wind farms are managed. O&M improvements are able to affect revenue, equipment longevity, the health and well-being of employees along with a whole host of other benefits. In addition, new approaches and novel applications of existing methods are making leaders stand out from their peers.

To recognize these innovators CanWEA is calling for nominations of Canada’s best companies in the following categories:

Here is a description of each award along with some of the key considerations that will be used by the jury of experts to determine a winner.

This award recognizes an organization that has demonstrated innovation through an initiative that exemplifies an industry leading approach to wind power facility operations and maintenance. This CanWEA award is intended to honour organizations that have improved, or contributed significantly to the improvement of, the efficiency, profitability and reliability of wind farm operations in Canada. 

This award is presented to an organization whose progressive approach to a health and safety program, action or practice has directly improved the safety and well-being of wind power plant employees, contractors or the public and set an example for the wind energy industry in Canada.

If you’ve noticed organizations that are going above and beyond in their health and safety or general operational practices be sure to acknowledge them with your nomination. Or, if you have had the opportunity to work with a team of committed individuals who have made advances in these areas I encourage you to let us know by submitting a nomination form for your company.

We know that some of the biggest wind advocates are members of our local communities so we have opened nominations to all industry and members of the public. Winners will be announced at the 2018 CanWEA O&M Summit taking place in Toronto from January 30 -31, 2018.

Wind installations have increased 18 per cent every year for the past five years bringing new operations into service at a very fast pace. By acknowledging those who are striving to be the very best we hope to continually improve the performance and safety of Canadian wind farms year after year.

Operations and Maintenance Program Director at the Canadian Wind Energy Association

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