A sneak peek into Tamarack Valley’s Q2 production – BOE Intel

On BOE Intel,  we can now see gross licensed production for all of our public and private companies with a single click, with public well data sourced from Petro Ninja. Keep in mind that gross licensed production only accounts for wells licensed to the company, and assumes 100% working interest. Because of these reasons, it’ll never match up perfectly to corporate production, but will often be close and will definitely show trends, long before companies report quarterly production figures.

Today we take a look at Tamarack Valley, where we can see gross licensed production for the month of April. Gross licensed production was 71,193 boe/d in April, which would be a record high month for the company. This would be an increase from average gross licensed production in Q1 of 69,035 boe/d and reported Q1 corporate production of 67,938 boe/d.

Note that Tamarack does have some NGL production, although that does not show up in the public well data, but gets stripped out of the natural gas production and reported by the company later on.

Looking at activity levels that might give us a clue for future volumes, we can see Tamarack has been quite active, having spud 30 wells in the last month. Of those 30 spuds, 29 have targeted the Clearwater, with one well targeting the Charlie Lake formation northwest of Grande Prairie. Click the map below to play around with BOE Intel’s activity map.

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