TOP WELL REPORT – Baytex headlines the best Clearwater wells in September

Our new TOP WELL REPORT feature has been reporting on the top oil and natural gas wells drilled in Western Canada for the last couple of months, and today we look at the best Clearwater oil wells from the month of September. As always, we use calendar day production metrics so these are real volumes produced in the month.

The list of the top 15 Clearwater oil wells based on production from the month of September is below. You can also click here to view the wells all on one map provided by Petro Ninja, or click on the UWIs individually.

  • Baytex Energy dominated the list this month with 10 of the top 15 producing wells. The company’s top well had an average daily rate of 1,078 bbl/d of oil over the month, which was actually the top oil well in Western Canada, not just the top Clearwater oil well.
  • 8 of those 10 Baytex wells (including the best one) came off of the same pad, as you can see in the map below. These wells are located in the Peavine area, and are coloured red on the first map. All of Baytex’s Clearwater wells in the immediate vicinity dating back to the start of 2020 are on the second map below, coloured black.
  • Canadian Natural Resources has ramped up their activity levels in the Clearwater over the course of 2022, and has been drilling some excellent wells. CNRL had 4 of the top 15 wells in September, coming from the Smith/Marten Hills area.
  • Headwater Exploration rounded out the top 15 Clearwater wells with an impressive well at Marten Hills that had an average daily rate of 438 bbl/d of oil.

Licensee UWI Field Name Formation Monthly Liquids Production (bbl) Daily Average Liquids (bbl/d) Daily Average Gas (mcf/d) On Prod Date Monthly Prod Hours Cumulative Liquids (bbl)
Baytex Energy Ltd. 102062707816W500 Undefined Spirit River Fm 32,333.0 1,078.0 25.0 2022-08-13 704.0 45,587.0
Baytex Energy Ltd. 103083007815W500 Undefined Spirit River Fm 29,180.0 973.0 28.0 2022-08-13 705.0 43,639.0
Canadian Natural Resources Limited 103151507325W400 Marten Hills Clearwater 21,890.0 730.0 7.0 2022-08-13 685.0 29,474.0
Baytex Energy Ltd. 100013007815W502 Undefined Wilrich Mbr 19,198.0 640.0 23.0 2022-03-14 700.0 159,689.0
Baytex Energy Ltd. 100062707816W500 Undefined Wilrich Mbr 19,042.0 635.0 19.0 2022-04-18 96,375.0
Baytex Energy Ltd. 102093007815W500 Undefined Spirit River Fm 18,866.0 629.0 13.0 2022-09-08 470.0 18,866.0
Baytex Energy Ltd. 102013007815W500 Undefined Wilrich Mbr 17,593.0 586.0 20.0 2022-03-22 157,560.0
Baytex Energy Ltd. 102032707816W500 Undefined Wilrich Mbr 17,248.0 575.0 18.0 2022-04-18 102,532.0
Baytex Energy Ltd. 100032707816W500 Undefined Wilrich Mbr 16,407.0 547.0 21.0 2022-03-14 705.0 145,312.0
Canadian Natural Resources Limited 100120507324W400 Smith Clearwater 15,548.0 518.0 50.0 2022-08-02 715.0 21,342.0
Baytex Energy Ltd. 100083007815W500 Undefined Wilrich Mbr 15,126.0 504.0 29.0 2022-04-11 124,071.0
Baytex Energy Ltd. 102112707816W500 Undefined Spirit River Fm 14,953.0 498.0 42.0 2022-09-08 469.0 14,953.0
Canadian Natural Resources Limited 100130507324W400 Smith Clearwater 14,197.0 473.0 84.0 2022-05-12 720.0 57,443.0
Canadian Natural Resources Limited 100151507325W400 Marten Hills Clearwater 14,153.0 472.0 12.0 2022-06-05 712.0 54,276.0
Headwater Exploration Inc. 100082407425W400 Marten Hills Clearwater 13,134.0 438.0 49.0 2022-08-28 717.0 14,716.0

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