Sudbury’s tax centre is looking to hire hundreds of employees

A spokesperson for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) said that Sudbury’s tax centre is looking to hire hundreds of employees during tax season this year.

The agency is looking to fill temporary full-time unilingual and bilingual positions for day and evening shifts throughout the week.

Salaries range from $41,658 to $65,363 depending on the position level (in addition to a $2.25 evening shift premium), and successful candidates can expect the initial contract duration to be about three to four months between February and June.

Although the CRA is offering contract positions, the spokesperson said she “fully expects a significant number of new employees will stay on beyond their initial contract and move up to higher positions.”

“The CRA is a major employer in Sudbury and our number of available positions increases each year during tax season. There are a lot of opportunities available right now,” said Kylie Daigle, a manager in compliance at CRA’s Sudbury tax centre.

“Sudbury also has a lot of opportunities for growth and advancement, as well, including at higher level and higher paid positions.”

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many industries, Daigle said that the number of vacant positions at the CRA right now is nothing new.

“The number of candidates we need certainly fluctuates from year to year, but it’s always around this number,” she said.

“This is the third filing season for which we’re hiring during the pandemic, and we haven’t had any issues over the course of the previous two years.”

Daigle said she doesn’t anticipate having any issues this time around.

“The main tasks for the positions that we’re filling right now are entering tax return data into the CRA computer system as well as analyzing, reviewing, and verifying the accuracy and completeness of the tax returns that we receive.”

Employees might also be expected to provide taxpayers with “appropriate explanations” regarding changes made to income tax returns, exchanging or receiving information, or requesting additional documents, said Daigle.

“Other positions require that information or services are provided to taxpayers, benefit recipients, representatives, and to employees of the agency and other organizations,” she said.

“Right now, we have three external processes. For two of the processes, a high school diploma is required, and for one of the processes, candidates will require a minimum grade ten education.”

Daigle said tax knowledge is not required to apply for a position at the CRA.

“All successful candidates will receive paid training to become familiar with their tasks and the CRA systems before starting work,” she said.

“What is learned during the training is sufficient for the candidates to be successful in their positions.”

Although the CRA does offer some work-from-home positions, Daigle said the type of work that requires confidentiality means that many employees will need to work on site at Sudbury’s tax centre.

The CRA will be accepting applications throughout tax season this year. Anyone who is interested in applying to the CRA can visit

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