Report shows fossil fuel production out of step with government climate commitments

A new international report finds forecasts for fossil fuel production around the world are way out of step with government climate commitments.

But one of the report’s authors says Canada’s falling projections for its industry are more realistic than those from most other countries.

The study compares oil, gas and coal production forecasts from 15 countries to what they need to be for climate change to be kept manageable. 

It finds those forecasts add up to more than double what’s consistent with the goal of keeping the global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Co-author Peter Erikson says that’s partly because every country is still trying to sell as much oil as it can.

But he praises Canada for reducing its production forecasts — something he says every country will have to face up to. 

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 20, 2021. 

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