Linde, Nissan Chemical ‘huff ‘n puff’ technology combines enhanced recovery capabilities of gas and nanoparticles

A new, energized “huff ‘n puff” (HNP) technology has improved oil and gas production by up to 500 per cent on some wells, according to Linde LLC and Nissan Chemical.

The RECHARGE HNP solution combines the enhanced recovery capabilities of both gas and nanoparticles to create a synergistic, multi-spectrum treatment, the companies said.

Carbon dioxide or nitrogen is used to drive nanoActiv Hydrocarbon Recovery Technology (HRT) nanoparticles from Nissan Chemical further into the formation and enables them to penetrate deeper into capillary fractures and micropores of the rock, releasing additional hydrocarbons.

“One of the key features of the RECHARGE HNP solution is the simplicity in executing the treatment, with which operators have been very pleased,” Kevin Watts, senior application engineer, Global Market Segment Oil & Gas, said in a statement. “We believe this technology will have an important impact for oil and gas producers worldwide.”

The companies said the synergistic gas-energized treatment can simultaneously address multiple production issues for conventional or unconventional natural gas or oil wells, and stimulate flowback to the wellbore for almost any type of rock formation.

After using the RECHARGE HNP solution on depleted wells in Texas for 180 days, production improvements in barrel-of-oil equivalents (BOE) ranged from 12 per cent to 564 per cent, they said. Successful treatments have a 60- to 90-day payback.

Linde has provided HNP technology for decades and now applies its expertise to RECHARGE HNP treatments.

“Together with Nissan Chemical, we analyze the many permutations of the well and formation to screen, diagnose and prescribe the most effective combination of gas and nanoActiv HRT particles to optimize the treatment’s yield,” said Robin Watts, Chemistry & Energy program manager at Linde and a Houston-based member of Linde’s Oil and Gas Services team.

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