East Ferris pickle ballers prepare to be delighted

Corbeil’s tennis court is scheduled to receive major upgrades. The court will be completely resurfaced, and three new pickleball courts will be installed.

Work begins Monday, September 13, although residents should know the older court is already sanctioned off, closed to the public in preparation for the upgrades.

The older court is the most westerly one. The newer court remains open for use and will be throughout construction.

“Kindly share the space on the newer court to allow all players time,” the municipality requests, reminding people to “park vehicles in the main parking lot and be mindful of heavy machinery.”

Two bids were received for the project contract, which was awarded to Court Crafters Inc. at a cost of $302,625.30.

“These projects were budgeted in the 2021 capital budget,” explained the municipality’s chief administrative officer, Jason Trottier. “And we received funding from the federal and provincial budgets,” he said, adding that “we’re contributing about 27 per cent of the cost.”

Along with resurfacing the old tennis court and adding three new pickleball courts, new fencing is being installed as well.

“We’re creating a recreation hub here in the village of Corbeil,” Trottier enthused.

Work begins soon, and most of the project will be completed this fall. However, Trottier noted that the new courts would be ready for use until the Spring of 2022.

“This is wonderful news because the old tennis court being refurbished is extremely dangerous for anyone who plays, so this is really great news for all tennis players,” Mayor Pauline Rochefort said.

“But those that may be even more delighted are the pickle ball players,” she added. “So that’s absolutely wonderful.”

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