Clive resident asks council to do something about vandalism

A resident of the Village of Clive is concerned about crime affecting her family and property and asked village council to do something about it.

The letter was read at the Oct. 12 regular meeting of council, held one day later than usual due to thanksgiving.

Courtney Jacobs’ letter began, “My family and I have lived here for over 12 years and truly enjoyed most of those years. However in the past couple of years our village has become a place where I feel unsafe.

“There seems to be a group of teenagers around the village who have decided to take it upon themselves to terrorize our children and destroy property around the village.

“In the past two years my son has come home assaulted at the skatepark by boys much older than him because they thought he didn’t belong at ‘their park.’

“My dog has been shot while on my deck with an airsoft gun.

“Our neighbours have had their property completely vandalized, with broken windows, spray paint all over, feces spread on the walls and in their appliances and broken liquor bottles everywhere.

“Tonight our front window was shot with an automatic pellet or airsoft gun while I sat on the other side with my dog only to see four teenagers running away,” noted Jacobs, who noted she’s spoken to police several times.

“It is time our leadership steps up and starts to support our good citizens and takes action to stop the destruction of properties around our village and children being made to feel unsafe in their own small community,” added Jacobs.

After reading the letter, councillors agreed that Mayor Luci Henry would send a letter back thanking the resident for the information.

Councillors also agreed to forward the issue to the incoming council elected Oct. 18.

COVID update

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney provided councillors with an update on the pandemic from the provincial government. It was stated COVID transmission continues to be driven by unvaccinated Albertans.

Also, Kenney noted there is a $2,000 small and medium business relaunch grant which businesses can apply for if eligible and if they choose to implement the restrictions exemptions program.

Pipeline construction

The CAO provided a Public Works report on a complaint regarding the condition of 47th Ave. following the construction of the Hwy. #12/21 waterline. Kenney stated Public Works examined the area in question and feel a claim is not warranted.

During the CAO’s regular report councillors heard that directional drilling in Clive for the water line project is complete and that a public meeting is scheduled for Nov. 1 to discuss the water system.

Infrastructure projects

Kenney reported the lift station and manhole structures are installed; lift station internal work is ongoing as material becomes available.

It’s expected the project will be completed by the end of October while the village deals with delays in generator delivery.

The CAO also noted four water valves are exposed with the pipe and/or rods requiring replacement. Councillors heard that parts have been purchased and repairs are scheduled for the week of Oct. 18.

Urban hens

The residents of Clive now have a chance to become even more familiar with the ubiquitous urban chicken after councillors unanimously passed third reading of their new urban hen bylaw, #552-21.

The Village of Clive was already an urban hen community. The new bylaw was the result of a request from within the community to boost the number of urban hens allowed at each residence from four to six.

Highway condition

After reading a letter of invitation from Alberta Transportation to discuss issues of concern, councillors unanimously agreed to meet with the provincial government department to talk about the “condition and maintenance” of nearby Hwy. 12, the only primary highway that accesses Clive.

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