CAOEC Seeks More Federal Support to Accelerate Carbon-Tech in the Energy Services Sector


The Canadian Association of Energy Contractors (CAOEC) supports the federal government’s investment in clean energy tax credits announced in the 2023 federal budget on March 28. “The CAOEC recognizes progress has been made for the energy services sector with new tax credits for clean technology manufacturing and processing, and critical mineral extraction and processing. The investment creates a level playing field with the United States to encourage investment in our energy industry. We look forward to advancing emissions reduction with these incentives,” says Mark A. Scholz, CAOEC President & CEO.

However, CAOEC hopes more will be done to accelerate the deployment of carbon-abating technology in the energy services sector, specifically for broader resource extraction. The Association notes the federal government’s failure to recognize the importance of carbon abatement activities in Canada’s oil and natural gas extraction activities will impact the pace of emissions reduction in the energy services sector. The sector already has the proven technologies needed, like high-line power, fuel cell power, battery energy storage systems, and more, as outlined in the Association’s 


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