Cannabis & The Workplace – Required Preventative Maintenance

Jeff Bradshaw

President & CEO – The Cannabis Learning Series & V Strategies Inc.

A comprehensive campaign approach involving policy, education, and employee engagement is needed to address cannabis law changes. This is the “preventative maintenance” of the 2018 Canadian worksite.

That is a mouthful, but not only does it say a lot, it means a lot as well. So let’s unpack that statement.

The key is really understanding that, just like taking a vehicle in for regular inspections and maintenance, safety campaigns like those needed around cannabis and other drugs and alcohol are preventative maintenance. They guide our day to day and protect from safety threats. And just like taking care of a vehicle, that maintenance on your site will help ensure a long, safe, and incident free life for your “healthy worksite”.

It will be too late once an incident has happened to look back and wonder what more could have been done to clear through the confusion of cannabis law changes. Now is the time to act, before October 17th opens the door to increased incident chances, and confusion around what is, and is not, permissible within the new Canadian workplace.

The simple fact is that when we look at the states of Denver and Washington in the US, where recreational cannabis use has been legal for years, they show us that the use of the drug increases across all age groups after legalization.

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