B.C. floods impacting millions

The ongoing effect and impact of the flooding in B.C. is having major implications for both the province and country, seeing the province under a state of emergency.

Caused by heavy rain and severe flooding, the catastrophic damage also wiped out a large stretch of the Trans Canada highway and railway, with the highway still closed between Abbotsford and Chilliwack, with highways 3,7, and 99 open. Rail is facing its own troubles, too, as CN has had to halt some of its freight traffic due to ongoing weather conditions.

The flooding caused pipelines to be temporarily shut in, such as Enbridge’s Westcoast natural gas pipeline, which usually delivers 1.5 to 1.8 billion cubic feet of gas per day bcf/d) to the lower mainland.

The Trans Canada pipeline, which ships 300,000 barrels of crude and refined products from Alberta to the Pacific Coast was also temporarily shut down, and as of late-November, was still ‘days away’ from being restarted.

In Mid-November, Parkland Corporation said its 55,000 bpd Burnaby refinery was maintaining supply to its customers.

These temporary closures are impacting millions across the province, from Vancouver to B.C.’s interior. Lower mainland sources more than 80% of its gasoline and oil and gas services from refineries in Alberta.

The impacts are also going to be felt further along the supply chain, and as the holiday season approaches, there is large concern that goods and services across myriad sectors and services will feel this affect, while also experiencing price increases and shortages. With supply chains already under siege from the pandemic, the flooding has exacerbated the issue.

It has also been felt at the pump, too. With B.C. gas supply dependent on Trans Mountain, it caused long lineups, product hoarding, and price spikes.

The flooding and subsequent damage has highlighted both the necessity of a stable energy grid for people, especially during the cooler fall months and ahead of winter, and the role oil and gas services can play in helping get people the energy they need to conduct their daily lives. Oil and gas will also play a role in the highway’s recovery moving forward.

Major impacts like this impact an entire system, and is a trickledown effect on people and industries.

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