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BIOCAP and SSHRC Announce a New Research Network!

“BIOCAP-SSHRC National Network on the Human Dimensions of Biosphere Greenhouse Gas Management”

BIOCAP and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) launched a $3.4M Joint Venture competition for nodes of a national social science research network.

The objective is to complement and extend the natural science and engineering research in this area by ensuring that the university research community addresses the human dimension and policy implications associated with biosphere greenhouse gas management and bio-based products.


  • To explore the policy aspects associated with biosphere GHG mitigation in areas such as regulatory regimes, institutional structure, carbon credit systems, policy development and the impact and ability of industries that are adapting to change;
  • To study the economic, environmental and social impacts of new bio-processing technologies that can provide bio-based energy, chemicals and materials, thereby relieving dependence on resources that lead to gr

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    BIOCAP and NSERC Announce New Research Opportunity!

    BIOCAP and SSHRC Announce a New Research Network!


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    BIOCAP and NSERC Announce New Research Opportunity!

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