Into The Wild – Environmental Organizations in Canada

June 6, 2017

People are meant to have a close relationship with nature. It is supposed to be give and take. At some point or another, every individual needs to start giving back to nature. Canada has accomplished a great milestone in developing a long list of environmental protection organisations and yearly events.

The Top Organizations Looking Towards Creating a Better Future

While the U.S. might have decided to pull out of the Paris agreement, Canada remains committed to battling global warming the right way. Here are a few organizations that are working in that regard.


The acronym expands to form Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication. It is the only network in Canada that is bilingual and charitable on a nation-wide scale that aims to promote environmental learning.

Their mission is to educate Canadians about the environment and how to protect it better. They accept people into their fold. If you do not want to be hands on, you can anonymously donate to their cause helping them spread the knowledge to a wider range.

Charity Village

This is a site that binds together the non-profit professionals of the country. They have been around for more than two decades. They offer the unique service of connecting non-profits with the right kind of workers. It takes a certain level of a calibre to work for a non-profit, a certain level of passion and dedication for the work that you want to do. This portal helps you find your calling.

Green Communities Canada

They are the best way that a person in the society can first step into the waters of environmental protection. They pave the way for a layman to go green. They are a national organization that works closely with house owners, businessmen and governments to promote greener land and protection of the environment.

That organization is well-known for providing practical solutions and trustworthy advice. They also help in educating people about various government and independent ventures that will give them a profit if they go green in their day to day activities.

Ecology Action Centre

The end goal here is to get a sustainable world. They work locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally for developing a healthier environment. They integrate science into their methods as well. They have been at it since 1971.

They focus on areas like Marine and Coastal water preservation, wilderness protection, food, transportation and energy. They have now ventured into the digital world by launching an electronic newsletter that will let a person from any part of the world be a part of the initiative. Volunteers and members are always welcome.

This June from 2nd to 11th the Ecology Action Centre is gearing up to celebrate the Oceans Week. Encouraging the development of communities that are in harmony with the natural and social environment, through approaches like planning and natural building.

All these organizations are jointly working towards the same goal. Their joint efforts are also the reason why we have started to see progress in restoring balance to the ecosystem


Living amidst nature – what do we do with environment

June 3, 2017

Canada is the second largest country in the world when it comes to the total area. Situated in the northern part of the continent of North America, it is one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world due to the heavy immigration. Canada speaks of a community that has integrated itself into the environment, working in harmony to save their surroundings.

Battling Climate Change – How Can We Do It?

Over the last few decades, there has been a significant increase in the amount of pollution in Canada. This directly translated into the potential risk to the environment. Once the problem was brought to attention the people came together flawlessly to help rescue the environment.

The Government of Canada is in a parliamentary system. They have released the legal code called the Canadian Environmental Protection Act in 1999. There are a number of Ecosystem Initiatives that haven’t stopped working in saving the balance in the ecosystems in Canada.

Working Together

The people of Canada are well aware that they need help from an array of allies to make headway in their goal. Partners include federal departments, provinces, regional governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations.

There are also several portals and common platforms available that combine all these different initiatives and bring the entire information available under one roof. Thus it becomes easier for beneficiaries to find the right charity that they would like to provide a helping hand to.

St. Lawrence Action Plan

Spanning over the course of 15 years, starting from 2011, the St. Lawrence Action Plan aims to protect and enhance the St. Lawrence Basin. The governments of Canada and Quebec have decided to join forces and provide a combined front for this movement. They have decided to pool resources and manpower for the same. Even research centers and universities are playing an important part in the security of the St. Lawrence Basin.

The program has defined three clear-cut objectives that they will follow so that maximum results can be obtained. This includes conservation of biodiversity, improvement in the quality of available water and the sustainable use of the environment.

 Protection Of The Great Lakes

Americans and Canadians equally benefit from the bounty offered up by the Great Lakes. They hold a very significant portion of the entire world’s freshwater resource. However, as of now, the ecosystem of the Great Lakes is threatened.

The water and its organisms are being subjected to physical, chemical and biological stress. The major reason for this is the introduction of harmful chemicals and invasive species from different lands.

The government of both countries has decided to take proactive methods in order to restore and protect the lake. While it is unclear as to how much progress would be made on the American front with Trump in charge, and him pulling out of the Paris Agreement, we could expect Canada to honor its commitments.

There are several great lake specific initiatives as well as national programs launched that are helping control the problems affecting the Great Lakes.


Ecology in Canada: Understanding the Canadian Economy

May 23, 2017

The relationship of organisms with each other and with the physical environment around them is a very important factor we need to study in order to understand where we stand today and how much the stress the environment is under.

We need to make sure that there is a balance between organisms and the environment so that all creatures on Earth can live in harmony. As such, one of the important points that we need to look into is the ecological footprint that is left behind by a place.

So what exactly is an ecological footprint?

The ecological footprint is the amount of land that is required to sustain human life. In other words, it is a measure of the impact we have on the natural environment. Canada is ranked sixth in terms of the ecological footprint it has on Earth.

Canada is rapidly developing as each day progresses, with more and more people moving into the country and other rapid technological advancements, places to live and meet other people, but the ecological footprint it leaves behind with such activities is a cause of concern.

In fact, more than half of Canada’s footprint is a result of its carbon footprint, which is a direct result of a huge amount of fossil use. Canada has a land that is very rich in wealth and natural resources.

Growth of Canadian Economy

The biggest industries in Canada involve the extraction of natural resources such as oil, coal and petroleum. All these resources are in huge demand, not only in the country but also all over the world. All these activities also contribute to increasing the carbon footprint.

In fact, the urban areas of Canada are densely populated, and have very poor quality air and even increase the possibility of having acid rain. Although there are many freshwater resources, many such water sources are dammed and the waters are used for activities such as agriculture.

Of course, there are a lot of treaties that Canada is a part of which concerns saving the environment. There are also many clean technology sectors which are concerned with cleaning the environment and ways to convert some businesses to online like the entertainment sector does – e.g. today it’s not necessary for you to waste your time and establishment’s resources to play some slots because you could just get to comprehensible NBSO online casino website and have fun with no harm done (si vous recherchez une source francophone – visitez le site web du casino en ligne).

However, they need to develop faster and look more quickly to develop ways to make the lifestyle in Canada more sustainable and keeping with the harmonious relationship with the environment as is necessary.

Not only such sectors and treaties, but each and every citizen needs to contribute toward making the world cleaner and better and to reduce the ecological footprint, thus reducing the stress the environment is in.

There is also a need to control and regulate the fossil fuel extraction industries, as if their impact on the environment is reduced, the footprint of Canada will decrease as well. However, as they are a major source of Canada’s wealth, we need to tread with care.

Ecological economics