Wheatland Lodge residents raising money for Terry Fox Foundation

Residents at the Wheatland Lodge participated in a Terry Fox Run on Sept. 15 and are raising money for the Terry Fox Foundation.

Lodge Activity Coordinator Janice Pederson said those who are able-bodied enough at the lodge were wanting to participate this year and do what they can to be a part of the movement.

“It is the first for Wheatland Lodge … it’s the first time we’ve organized and planned to really take part in (the Terry Fox Run),” she said. “Hopefully we’ll continue to do this, make it a tradition for us here in our community every year.”

Those who participated primarily consisted of folks who are part of the lodge’s “scooter gang” and according to Pederson, were more than ready to be doing something for the community.

“I think it’s our scooter gang who were very excited about this and the fact that they can use their ability to promote something in support of charities in our community and really being part of it,” she said. “The fact that they’re already really well known to our community, it’s just a really great motivator for them and it really gets them out of the house and continuing to do what they love.”

Pederson said the apparent notoriety around the community of the lodge’s scooter gang was a motivator for participants to be out and about.

She added the hope is to grow the tradition year over year and to get more people participating.

Pederson chided that as the baby-boomer generation begins to filter into the lodge, they may be interested in beginning to also join in on the walk every year.

Donation boxes were made available at the lodge, which had been set up earlier in September. Though there was no formal fundraising goal that the lodge had in mind, the team was nevertheless optimistic.

“I was hoping (for) $3,000 but maybe we raise more … really, every little thing counts, and we really appreciate our donors for donating whatever they can,” said Pederson. “I think for sure that we have raised more than what [we] expected.”

The Lodge’s fundraiser will be running until the end of September, with donation boxes open at the facility.

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