Shockproofing Canada’s energy sector: Former Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall

Canada needs to become more secure by becoming more self-sufficient. In a new series — Strong & Free: Shockproofing Canada — the National Post examines how a country made wealthy by globalization and trade can also protect itself against pandemics and other unknown future shocks to ensure some of our immense resources and economic power are reserved for our own security.

Buy local has been a big theme during the COVID-19 pandemic as Canadians rush to support small businesses near and dear to them.
But does that translate to an appetite to buy local energy?

Former Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, now a special advisor with Osler, Harcourt & Hoskins LLP, joins Down to Business host Emily Jackson to discuss what energy self-sufficiency would look like in Canada and how the government could take action to create such a strategy.

This special episode of Down to Business is part of the Post’s new series Strong & Free: Shockproofing Canada.

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