Prince Rupert business refuses to pay taxes until water fixed


A Prince Rupert business is refusing to pay taxes until the city’s tap water is “safe”, and placed a sign in the front window publically stating the declaration on Sept. 28.

At Hasami Hair Studio, some customers have said they do not want their hair washed because of the boil water advisory the municipality issued on Sept. 21, Jason Eleuterio, co-owner of the hair studio, told The Northern View.

“If you notice, it’s kind of ‘slicky’, like greasy to touch,” Eleuterio said.

The water problems in the city go back more than three years, he said. Now, for the first time in his life, people are buying bottled water, yet they still have to pay the same utility bills.

“The water is not drinkable,” he said. “What’s wrong with this government? How come nothing gets fixed?”

“That’s why we’re just saying no to taxes now because they’re not taking care of the people.”

The City of Prince Rupert is working diligently to get the water supply “up to snuff,” Barry Cunningham, city councillor, told The Northern View on Oct. 1.

“The dam will be finished by the end of the year at which time we will be returning to our primary water source, which is Woodward Lake,” Cunningham said.

The engineering diagrams are currently being worked on for the water treatment plant. The construction of the plant should be completed by 2023, Cunningham said.


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