Net-Zero Electricity Grid for Alberta is Possible, Wilkinson Says, as Sides Disagree

Ottawa, province form working group on issue

DRUMHELLER, Alta. — The federal government and the province of Alberta continue to disagree about whether a net-zero electricity grid is achievable by 2035.
But federal Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson says that by agreeing to Alberta’s proposal to form a bilateral working group, Ottawa is showing it is willing to listen to the province’s concerns.
The federal government plans to soon release a draft of its promised clean electricity regulations, which will aim to help ensure Canada’s electricity grid is a net-zero emitter of greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has said that in her province, that’s not possible.

Though Alberta has committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the province’s lack of hydroelectricity and heavy reliance on natural gas for power generation means its grid faces steeper transition challenges than many other jurisdictions.

Wilkinson says the bilateral working group will be aimed at helping both governments better understand the technical and financial challenges that exist, and decide on a path forward.

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