Imperial Oil, MEG, Cenovus Push Back at Trudeau’s ‘Aggressive’ Carbon Plan

(Bloomberg) Some of Canada’s top oil executives are ramping up their opposition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s goal of cutting emissions from the energy sector by 42% by 2030.Brad Corson, chief executive officer of Imperial Oil Ltd., told analysts Friday the target is “very aggressive” and “stretches the capability of what is technically and economically feasible.” Imperial is a Calgary-based integrated oil producer that’s controlled by ExxonMobil Corp.“What I think, collectively as industry, government, society, we need to be very cautious about is ensuring that we bring the right balance to environmental improvements with continued oil supply,” Corson said. The company shares the government’s objective of getting to net-zero emissions by 2050, he added.

Trudeau’s government issued the target in March and followed it with a discussion paper on a 

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