Are you concerned with the AER’s deemed liability of your facilities?

Do you have a handle on your company’s ARO liability?

Whether you need an Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) liability assessment or a Site-Specific Liability Assessment (SSLA), ELM has a solution for you. More and more attention is being placed on carrying the right ARO value, whether to satisfy internal ESG requirements or to ensure appropriate insurance is being carried. Or maybe you require a SSLA to reduce the LLR deposit that is held by AER. At ELM Inc. this has been a key service to our clients. We have completed hundreds of SSLAs and ARO assessments for our clients. Our team is skilled in both facility operations and decommissioning and are experts at assessing liability related to the abandonment & reclamation of your gas plants, oil batteries, and waste management facilities.

SSLAs are required by AER Directive 001 for large facilities, potential problem sites and waste management facilities. An SSLA must be updated every five years for large facilities and waste management sites, and every three years for problems sites, unless otherwise required by AER. For licensees with a LLR of less than 1.0, voluntary SSLAs are an effective method of reducing a licensee’s security deposits when the AER’s deemed liability is believed to be higher than the expected cost to abandon and/or reclaim a facility.

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