Alberta appoints oilpatch veterans to advise government on province’s energy future

EDMONTON – Premier Danielle Smith will turn to a panel of five oilpatch veterans to advise her government on the future of Alberta’s energy industry.

The panel will be chaired by David Yager, a longtime writer on the oilpatch.

Yager was also a former political candidate for the Wildrose Party, one of the groups that came together to form the United Conservative Party that Smith now leads.

The other members of the panel include Hal Kvisle, who sits on the board of Cenovus Energy and has run several other energy companies.

Bob Curran is a former director of the Alberta Energy Regulator.

Carey Arnett is president of Arnett and Burgess Pipeliners and Phil Hodge is the president of Pine Cliff Energy.

The panel is to meet with government ministries and industry stakeholders, although Smith makes no mention of public consultation or outside experts.

Smith says the panel is to advise the government on how Alberta can meet the world’s future energy needs and a final report is to be completed by June 30.

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