U.S. senator backs Alberta premier in energy security partnership

CALGARY — A high-profile United States senator is backing Alberta Premier Jason Kenney in pushing for more North American oil to supplant Russian supplies during the invasion of Ukraine.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, a key Democratic vote in the evenly divided Senate, says it’s vital for the U.S. and Canada to be partners in energy security to support global demand.

Kenney says Manchin’s visit to Alberta helps raise the profile of the province’s resources and fosters greater collaboration between the two countries.

Both politicians expressed disappointment at the termination of the Keystone XL pipeline project, which was cancelled by U.S. President Joe Biden last year on his first day in the White House.

Manchin says he’s unsure whether there’s a possibility the project could be resurrected, but adds it would be foolish if it wasn’t.

Earlier, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the decision on the pipeline’s fate lies with the U.S.

He also said his Liberal government will continue to advocate for Canada as an energy partner for the south, with traditional and renewable resources.

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