​Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario ‘profoundly disappointed’ with Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference

The energy ministers of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario were so frustrated with the outcome of the Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference last week that they refused to sign the event’s official communiqué.

At the annual event, this year held in Cranbrook, B.C., provincial, territorial and federal ministers “discuss shared priorities for collaborative action to advance energy and mining development across the country,” according to Natural Resources Canada.

Alberta’s Sonya Savage joined Saskatchewan’s Bronwyn Eyre and Ontario’s Greg Rickford slamming the discussions at the conference.

“In representing Alberta at the Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference, I was hoping to have substantive dialogue on the challenges facing Alberta’s oil and gas industry. However, it was clear the federal government did not want any meaningful conversation about its encroachment on provincial jurisdiction of natural resources, or the devastating impacts bills C-69 and C-48 will have on competitiveness and market access for provinces across the country,” Savage said in a statement.

The discussions at the conference and its summary communiqué did not adequately address the challenges and concerns facing Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario, the ministers said in a joint statement.

“Specifically, there was only superficial discussion about competitiveness, market access, the devastating economic effects of the Impact Assessment Act (Bill C-69) and Oil Tanker Moratorium Act (Bill C-48), the continued federal encroachment into provincial jurisdiction on natural resources and no real solution to carbon emissions beyond taxing hardworking families and businesses,” they said.

“We will continue to reject short-sighted policies that seek to undo the ‘pro-energy’ progress we have made in our provinces.”

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