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Emerging Green Crop Network Calls for Proposals

Proposal deadline, June 27, 2003

Who: BIOCAP Canada and the Emerging Green Crop Network

What: Based on the outcome of a May 4th workshop involving experts from government, university, and the private sector, the proposed ‘Green Crop Network’ has submitted a preliminary application to the NSERC Research Network Grant (RNG) competition and is now calling for 2-page proposals for projects to be included in this network. The successful applicants to this competition will be asked to expand their 2-page proposals as part of the Green Crop full RNG application to be submitted in September if the Green Crop group passes the preliminary RNG evaluation. We anticipate proposals involving 1 to 4 researchers per project with funding ranging from $30,000 to $110,000 per year.

When: Final Proposals for both competitions will be due June 27, 2003.

Why: Agriculture contributes approximately 9.5% of Canada’s total annual GHG production. Canada has made a commitment to reduce its production of greenhouse gases (GHGs) over the next decade to 6% below

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Emerging Green Crop Network Calls for Proposals



BIOCAP and NSERC Announce New Research Opportunity!

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